NS9RC D-Star Repeater System - Chicago, Illinois USA

This system allows you to link to DPlus (REF), DExtra (XRF), and x-Net (DCS) reflectors!
Please see the status pages below to see if the gateway is linked. A module can only be linked to one
reflector/repeater at a time!

The default reflector link is REF051C. If disconnected or there is no activity on another reflector for
10 minutes it will reconnect to the default reflector. Feel free to connect to your favorite reflector!

The system connects automatically to the following nets:

  • Wisconsin D-Star nets at 7:00 PM on Wednesdays and 9:00 PM on Sundays.
  • Illinois D-Star net at 9:00 PM on Wednesdays.
  • Problems? Questions? E-Mail dstar.admin at ns9rc dot org. Enjoy!

    DPlus Status

    To Link: XXXXXXXL / To Unlink: _______U / Status: _______I

    DCS and XRF Status

    To Link: XXXXXXXO / To Unlink: _______T / Status: _______W